Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.20.39 AMMills Teacher Scholars has partnered with WestEd, an independent research and assessment organization, to evaluate the work we do with schools and districts. These recently published reports synthesize the significant positive results of our program work on teacher and coach learning and collaboration.


The Impact of the Mills Teacher Scholars Program on Common Core Preparedness describes teachers learning and supporting each other’s learning within the MTS project as well as the project’s influence on their understanding of the Common Core State Standards.


Deepening Coaches’ Impact and  Capacity for Teacher Support: How Mills Teacher Scholars Is Making a Difference at the District Level describes the results of a pilot project with the Project Development Specialists in Oakland Unified School District designed to address the need for high quality adult learning experiences at the district level, enhancing collaboration and supporting the district in its transition to the Common Core State standards.