Albany High School


Becca Burns, Evan Green, Rachel Hubbard, Maryflo Hudson, Chris Knight, Nancy Mongan, Sean Morris, Sara Oremland, Juliet Radford, Valerie Risk, Shawn Rusich, Virginia Tremblay, Rosianna Valadez – Soto, Ryan Viernes, Maureen Wiser

School Focus

Albany High School is focusing its inquiry work on Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning. Over the past year, the Albany Teacher Scholars group broadened the scope of student learning data the teachers in the group used to include audio and video data, as well as interview data and other classroom based real-time data. This year, teachers will be working on broadening their conception of Claims, Evidence and Reasoning in ways that will allow them to authentically use these categories across disciplines, to support instructional alignment.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • HelpingĀ students to cite relevant evidence to support a claim and to develop self-awareness of their ability to cite relevant evidence to support a claim (English)
  • Supporting students to develop a foundation for argumentation by understanding and articulating their own position as a first step towards being able to understand the opposing position (English and Social Studies)
  • Supporting students to write a hypothesis as a foundation for the following steps in an investigation (Science)

Teacher Leaders

Juliet Radford

Ginny Tremblay

Sara Oremland