Berkeley Music Department

Nancy Boyles

Supporting students to practice effectively
MattBreithauptMatt Breithaupt

Leadership among students to lead to assigning section leaders
Roland Brown

Developing improvisation skills in middle school jazz band students
Picture Coming SoonSarah Cline

Using practice logs and journaling to set and meet goals
CandiceCrismondCandice Crismond

Focus for struggling music students; challenge for proficient students
Jan Davis

Practice habits
Mabel Dong

Note recognition in reading music
Mary Dougherty

Engaging low achieving students
Judy Fendell

Immediate feedback through Smart Music system to improve playing
Peter Gidlund

Preparing students for guitar recital through audio recording
Michael Hammond

Developing dynamics and improvisation skills in middle school jazz band students
Merlyn Katechis

Engaging low achieving students
Aimee Lubalin

Reaching students on the autism spectrum
Madeline Prager

Supporting students to develop a sense of pulse
LennySanJoseLenny San Jose

Engaging low achieving students
Alison Sawyer

On Leave
Steffanie Schaeffer

Developing self-assessments to support musicality
Henry Viets

Independent learning for fourth grade trombone students
Karen Wells

Developing leadership in section leaders