Mt. Eden High School


Lynn Allan, Chris Brown, Marie Butler, Matt Denton, Richard Dunbar, Heather Eastwood, Donna Edwards-White, Britanya Fields, Elizabeth Finlayson, Sumandeep Grewal, Stacy Hart, Susan Maloney, Cristina Mann, Annie Mladinich, Cathy Perkins, Randy Seifert, Taylor Speier, Leah Talbott

School Focus

Mt. Eden High School’s teacher scholars are delving into using inquiry to build interdisciplinary collaboration and to refine instructional practices to make the curriculum in all disciplines more accessible and meaningful for their English Language Learners.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Helping students identify revision needs and articulate how their writing should be changed (English)
  • Improving students’ ability to look at data and come to conclusions based on that data, alone and in small group discussion (Science)
  • Using vocabulary development to help improve students’ ability to answer reflection questions and solve word problems (Math)

Teacher Leaders

Leah Talbott

Heather Eastwood

Elizabeth Finlayson