Roosevelt Elementary

Picture Coming SoonSarah Bollinger

Supporting students with special needs to have ownership of their learning goals
Inquiry focus coming soon
KeriBreedloveKeri Breedlove

Improving comprehension by looking back in texts to find evidence

Inquiry focus coming soon
Susan Deming

How to manage transitions to increase student learning
Debbie Dodd

Supporting claims with with textual evidence
PattyFishbaushPatti Fishbaugh

Inquiry focus coming soon
Picture Coming SoonKristen Julin

Supporting struggling readers to identify vowel sounds
Karen Koizumi

How does talking first (before writing) translate to quality writing later?
Kenny Moy

Supporting students to back up their claims with clear evidence taken from text
Wendy Papciak

Learning to support answers using evidence from the text
JuliePenceJulie Pence-Wallan

How to manage student behavior to increase student learning
Renee Purdy

Improving decoding through the use of eight powerful strategies
Lois Smith

Supporting students to use evidence from the text to support claims
Picture Coming SoonSoraya Sablo-Sutton

Supporting teachers to increase their comfort level with technology integration
Melissa Valdivia

Successful transitioning from subject to subject