Rosa Parks Teacher Scholars

Picture Coming SoonDavid Barba

Helping students to use text evidence to support their thinking
Picture Coming SoonKimberly Beeson

Supporting partner discussion about books
LisaLisa Billings

Enhancing students' use of vocabulary strategies during independent reading

Jennifer Cales

Inquiry coming soon
MichelleMichelle Contreras

Inquiry focus coming soon
PattyPatricia Desierto

Supporting students to explain and elaborate their thinking
Kathleen Gadway

Supporting language learning through a focus on verb tenses and language games
Cheri Hinkley

Supporting struggling students' writing development
Tracey Iglehart

Working with first grade teachers to use the Data Wise improvement process during collaboration time
Suzanne Ingley

Supporting shy girls to engage in science discussions
KateKate Kirkhuff

Using Reading Recovery strategies to accelerate 1st graders' reading progress
Matilde Merello

Inquiry focus coming soon
Yessica Rodriguez

Motivating students to make connections with historical fiction and research